Welcome to the TV Accessories guide where our experts highlight the accessories that are available and compatible with your television.

Whether you want to wall mount your television or place it on a stand, we guide you through the steps to choose the best solution for displaying your TV.

This guide also includes the different types of cables to make the best use of the connections available on your TV, what kind of aerial you should use for the best picture, as well as discovering the Smart and 3D accessories that will maximise your TV experience. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the accessory considerations for your TV.


Wall brackets

TV brackets are an increasingly popular solution for displaying TVs as they are a secure and space saving display solution for watching TV in your home. Use our simple 3-step process below to find the ideal bracket for you and your TV.

Step 1: Choose the type of bracket
Step 2: Find the size of bracket to fit your TV
Step 3: Options for installing your bracket View all Full motion brackets
View all Fixed brackets
View all Fixed brackets

TV Stands

TV stands are a great way of showing off your television in your home, as well as housing additional related devices such as Blu-ray players and digital set-top boxes, and usually disguising the cables too. When buying a new TV stand, you will need to consider not only the design of the stand but also its size to ensure that it fits the available space in your home, suits the decor and is appropriately sized for your TV size. All of our TV stands indicate the television screen size that they are compatible with as well as the actual stand dimensions to ensure that when you get it home, it fits perfectly in the space. You may also like to consider the features listed below in making the correct TV stand purchase.

Built-in cable management
Stands with brackets
Infrared compatible doors View all TV stands
View all stand with brackets


Selecting the correct aerial is vital for maximising your picture quality. You can either choose a rooftop outdoor aerial or an indoor aerial.

The best reception will always be achieved using a rooftop outdoor aerial rather than an indoor aerial. Where this is not practical, such as when you live in a flat or when you want to have a TV in a bedroom without an outdoor aerial connection socket, we recommend to check your distance from your nearest transmitter to determine which indoor aerial is most suitable. Check out your distance

View all outdoor aerials
View all indoor aerials

3D glasses

3D TVs are a great addition to anyones home as 3D TVs have enhanced screen technology, excellent for everyday 2D viewing. There are two different types of 3D TVs; active and passive.
Many 3D TVs come with one or two pairs of 3D glasses, but to share the 3D experience you will need to purchase additional glasses. You first need to check if your 3D TV is active or passive and then make sure you buy the correct type of 3D glasses.

Active glasses
Passive glasses
View all Active glasses
View all Passive glasses

Smart accessories

Make the most of the internet through your Smart TV with features including catch-up TV, social networking and web browsing. To help maximise your Smart TV experience, check out our range of Smart TV accessories below.

WiFi Adapter
Powerline Adapter
TV Web Cameras
Extra Accessories
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